Varitrading ltd is an operating company since 2009 and is the result of the integration of various companies and men from various commercial and merchant sectors. Its main located in Malta, was chosen as our headquarter for its strategic position, being a natural bridge between Africa and Europe and an important international crossroad for commercial exchanges. Varitrading is also present in various countries through its collaborators from New York to Dubai, Belgrade, Bratislava, Buenos Aires and London. For this it is able to assist its customers directly, ensuring maximum real-time efficiency. The management of the company is assisted by a board of technicians with specific knowledge of their area of ​​expertise, both commercial and financial. At the same time, Varitrading has all the necessary licenses in national and international commercial fields, such as the "duty free" license for alcohol and tobacco. In specific tobacco sector, Varitrading operates both in direct form, with major producers in various countries, and as an acquirer at international companies. Particular care is devoted to search for suppliers using top quality tobacco, processing and mixing. For this reason, Varitrading offers only selected brands that can cover the entire taste range of smokers in the various countries. Buyers’ needs are addressed by our employees in accordance with the taste, habits and the likes of the end markets, thus offering the most suitable brands to the different users. Usually marketed products are Marlboro brands in red-gold-edge-advance, Premium red-blue, Royal blue normal-long-slim, JT Virginia for smokers who want a soft taste and some aromatized cigarettes with apple and grape flavor. The full range covered by Varitrading is over 30 brands. Varitrading requires its customers to compile a format that is the first step to opening up a business relationship based on mutual clarity. It does not provide quotes, offers or information until the exchange of this document. All the goods sold by Varitrading are always accompanied by the necessary certifications, first of all the origin and freshness of the product. Varitrading can also provide assistance for the logistics and financial part of the contracts through its own international organization.